1 day to go

Murakami pretty much always says it best.

Today is NaNoWriMo Eve (and also Halloween, which seems strangely appropriate). I am ready to go, eagerly awaiting getting started on this crazy adventure. I’m optimistic about reaching the word count and about finding time in my day to write. I have an outline of my story and an idea in my head about where I think things will go. I am packed and ready to go. I guess all journeys begin like this.

I’m certain that there will be difficult days ahead. Days where I won’t be able to fit any writing in or where the writing feels forced and lacking. I’m sure there will be moments of self-doubt and tiredness and I’ll want to throw the whole thing in.

But today there is only anticipation and I love the feeling of it. I love looking forward and knowing that at the end of this journey I will be different to the person who sat here writing this today.

What’s not to love about adventure?



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