Diets and detoxes – oh my!

It’s that time of the year where social media is filled with invitations to participate in detoxes and diets and celebrity weight loss fads. It’s everywhere I turn!

As a newly qualified Nutritionist it really frustrates me to see the amount of misinformation that is out there about weight loss and the way the body works. As a mother and a woman it upsets me even more to see just how much focus everyone seems to put on LOOKING a certain way — as if that is somehow linked to your worth as an individual.

Do you want to know the secret to loosing weight and keeping it off? Do you want to know how to feel good about your body and wear that bikini with confidence? The answer is simple: eat food (but not too much), move your body in a way that you love to do and stop giving a shit about how your’re ‘supposed to’ look. It really is that difficult and that easy. Let’s all stop placing so much emphasis on what our bodies looks like. Why can’t we all just focus on what it can DO instead?

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix or instant remedy to lose weight (despite what the internet may have you believe). Cutting out whole food groups on some fad diet will not lead to long term success. Your body detoxes all by itself all day long (thanks liver and kidneys!) and doing one will only make you sad and hungry and broke.

If you want to be healthier this year, eat fresh and wholesome foods and be active. Love running? Then run! Hate running? Then go and find something that you do love to do, because it is next to impossible to keep up any form of exercise if you hate it. Ride a bike, dance, walk to work, lift weights…Do both of those things everyday and do you know what might happen? You might lose weight. Do you know what will definitely happen? You will feel great and energetic and much less likely to put that weight back on in the long term. You will have changed your lifestyle for the better without making yourself miserable.

Really, what is the point of life if you can’t occasionally eat cake?

JW xx


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